WebSavvy Terms of Service

WebSavvy prohibits sites/clients engaged in the following:

1. Copyright infringement including but not limited to piracy of computer software and music copying or sharing, and copying of site materials or content.

2. Pornography of any kind.

3. Internet abuse including but not limited to mail bombing and all forms of spamming or mass unsolicited emailing. Any opt-in mailing lists maintained by clients of more than 25 users must be noted on your account in advance of usage in case of complaint. There will be a minimum $500 service fee charged of the client if any mail spam service reports us or you.

4. Systems abuse such as excessive CPU resources. Chat rooms and other potentially intensive CPU intensive processes need to be noted on your account in advance. Background running programs must also be prechecked by staff.

5. Selling sub-web hosting under their domain except when specifically authorized by WebSavvy.

6. Use of resources to gain illegal access to other computers or networks such as viruses, worms or other destructive activities.

7. Any action that we determine will reflect poorly on us or negatively impact our operations. We do this to maintain a professional relationship with all of our clients and business partners.

Web site content – The client is responsible for keeping backup copies of the web site unless arrangements are made with WebSavvy.. Incremental backups are made of the files on the entire server. If restoration is needed from one of our backups time will be billable. WebSavvy is not responsible for any lost files, information or data.

Billing Issues
1. Clients are billed on the first of the month of their billing period (monthly, or annually).

2. All labor billed to clients is billed by the actual hours expended by our design staff.

3. Prepaid contracts are not refundable.

4. Should an account be past due 60 days, WebSavvy reserves the right to suspend web hosting services until account is paid.

5. Accounts can only be closed or transferred when all invoices are paid.

Other Notes:
1. WebSavvy will credit one month’s service on your current plan for every client that you refer or setup that maintains their account in good standing for 60 days.

2. WebSavvy reserves the right to change any of these terms without notice.

Dubuque, IA 52002